Below you will find important news and announcements for upcoming events, Bible studies, and much more. 

Potluck and Social

There will be a potluck at the home of one of our members on Saturday July 28 at 1pm.  Please contact Madison Laird for more information.  While this "get-together" is a potluck, one of our members has graciously donated a certain animal to be BBQ'd, prompting some of our members to informally label this a "goat-together."  So, yeah, this is happening and there should be plenty of that food to go around.

Singing to the Confined

Please join us as we engage in singing to those confined at the Canyon Springs facility Friday night, July 27th at 7pm.  Canyon Springs is located at:  180 N Jackson Ave, San Jose, CA 95116.   Song books will be provided.  

Dublin Youth Forum

It's time for the Dublin Youth Forum again!  This year's version will be August 10-12 and will feature Josh Higgins of Longmont, Colorado and D.J. McKnight of San Diego.  Those interested can register the Dublin Church of Christ website or by calling (925) 223-7045.   

Women's Bible Study Group

The Women's Bible Study Group will meet Saturday, July 28, 2018 at 5pm.  Contact Madison Laird for the location details.  All women are encouraged to come and enjoy the fellowship and inspiration that our women enjoy.

Memorial Service for Hank Petrow

All members are invited to observe a period of reminiscene and greiving for Hank Petrow Saturday July 28 from 4pm to 8pm at the Santa Clara American Legion Post 419 located at 958 Homestead Road Santa Clara, CA 95050.