How to Build a Great Church


It takes very little planning to wreck a building or a business, but it takes skillful planning and diligent work to build. It’s easy to kill a church, but it takes thought and persistence to build a great church. The great churches of our land did not just happen. They have been built through persistent effort. Here are a few suggestions for building a great church:

  1. Never allow a day to pass without taking time to pray for your church and it’s purpose in this world.
  2. Never speak to anyone without praising your Lord and the work of the church. Criticism is often heard louder and more often than praise. See that praise is louder.
  3. Never fail to be friendly to anyone in all church services, especially newcomers and absentees. Nothing in the world can substitute for old fashioned friendliness.
  4. Never make attending church less important than social engagements, secular meetings, sporting events, or anything else. There is no greater power for a church than that of members who put God first.
  5. Never refuse an opportunity to serve. Be willing to serve anywhere you are asked. All service ranks the same with God.
  6. Attend ever service. The church hurts when you are not here. We miss you and more importantly, God misses you.

   Jesus Christ came to this earth to establish and build His kingdom. He told Peter “on this rock I will build my church” (Matt. 16:18). The apostles started building Christ’s church in the first century and now the torch has been passed to us. What are we doing to build the church that Christ established? Are we building a church that will last through all eternity? Or are we destroying a once thriving kingdom? It’s time to put our work gloves on and start building!

~ Kevin