The Parables of Jesus Christ


The parables of Jesus are called “dark sayings” in Ps. 78:2 and are clothed in figurative language. Two of the main reasons for parabolic teaching were:

  1. To reveal truth by comparing a thing known to something unknown so that the listener could discover truth.
  2. To separate those who were anxious to hear and learn from those who were not interested and had different motives such as the Scribes and the Pharisees. Jesus stated this by quoting the prophet Isaiah in Matthew 13:10-17.

     The parables of Jesus contain much Kingdom/Church teaching. They are filled with warnings, admonitions, and eternal messages that are pertinent and vital for our salvation. Blessed are those who desire to hear the Word of God, correct their lives, and go to heaven.

                                                                        ~ Ernie Fernandez

     Also, don’t forget that Charles Williamson is teaching a new class in the auditorium on Sunday mornings on the authority of the Bible. V.R. Hogan is teaching the book of Acts in the auditorium on Wednesday evenings. Kevin Harrington is teaching the “Teens” class, Carol Hogan is teaching the Bible lab, and a hand full of women are teaching the young children. What are you doing to make sure you and your family are attending Bible Study?

~ Kevin