T.E.A.M. Study

At the beginning of the year, the elders set a theme for the congregation to focus on for 2013. “Seek and Save” has been our focus for almost six months now. Over three months ago, we had Mike Wilson hold a Gospel Meeting at our congregation. He presented to us the idea that teamwork in evangelism can take us farther than we could ever get on our own. Together Everyone Accomplishes More.

     For three months we’ve been taking our Sunday night services and focusing on how we can become more involved with evangelism. We’ve looked at the process of evangelism and what it takes to take prospects from knowing nothing about the Bible to teaching them about Jesus’ sacrifice. We’ve talked about moving prospects closer to baptism. We’ve focused a lot of time on how to talk to other people about God. We’ve practiced turning normal, everyday conversations into a Godly conversation without making it weird or awkward. We’ve looked at different ways to invite friends and family members to church and to Bible studies.

     This Tuesday, all of our study and all of our hard work will pay off. We are going to have our first at home Bible study. If we’ve been applying what we’ve learned and we’ve been taking teamwork in evangelism seriously, then this Tuesday should be a huge success. The purpose of this study is to invite friends and family members to a home rather than to a church service. Many people are scared off by big crowds and the “traditions” of a church, but in someone’s home, people will feel more comfortable to accept the teachings of the Bible.

     Have you invited someone to this Tuesday’s study? Have you been practicing what we’ve talked about on Sunday nights? If you haven’t been coming on Sunday nights, then you are still more than welcome to invite a friend and come on Tuesday night. All the information for the study is below.

  1. Time: Tuesday, June 11th at 7:00 PM
  2. Place: The Harrington’s – 350 Capitol Village Cir. San Jose 95136
  3. Topic: God’s Purpose in Our Lives

     There are a few new tools to help you invite people to services and to our monthly studies. On the back table you will find business cards with our church information on them. You will also find blank areas on those cards so you can fill in your information and give them to your friends and family members. On the back there are blank spaces to fill in the study information. There are also new bookmarks available that explain who we are as a church and what we believe.

     I pray that we can all become more involved with evangelism. Let’s go “Seek and Save.”

~ Kevin