How To Light A Spiritual Fire

Spiritual ho-hums. Bored. Lifeless. Drifting. Stagnate. Routine. Habit. Rut. Dull. Same ole’ same ole’. Unhappy. Drudgery. Stale.

     These sad words describe the spiritual life of some Christians.  It is a terrible scene. Unless something happens, people who feel this way will find ways to quit. They lose interest in all things spiritual and their soul dies. Morals become lax, attitudes fall apart and they start doing things they never would have before. Something needs to be lit.

     How do you ignite the fire? Often times, we wait, expecting someone else to start it. But this is not good. This is putting your spiritual future and life in the hands of someone else.


To light the spiritual fire, a person needs:

  1. More Bible, not less. God’s word is the lamp and foundation of faith. The more Bible a person is pouring into their heart, the closer they grow in the Lord and the stronger their faith becomes. Are you reading your Bible daily?
  2. More dedication, not less. God calls us to be diligent and to be earnest about the business of being a Christian. The good seed of God’s word was choked out by the cares and pleasures of the world (Luke 8:14) The fire is ignited by better attendance to services, not less. The fire starts by thinking more good thoughts, not less.
  3. More dependence upon God, not less. A song we sing says, “I need Thee, every hour…” The fire is started when we act that way. Self helps and fancy talk do not help like the Lord can. Prayers should be fervent and often to the Lord. Decisions should be made after spiritual study. We need God!

     Don’t wait for someone else to start the fire. It may not happen. Start it yourself! We sing a song that says, “Light the fire…in my soul…” Won’t you strike the match TODAY?

~ Roger Shouse: New Albany, IN