New Class Starts Today!!!

    This past year we have been focusing on our theme of “Seek and Save.” We started out the year with sermons on various topics about evangelism, we had a Gospel Meeting with Mike Wilson to talk about TEAM Evangelism, we had a three month class where we established work groups, started at home Bible studies, and talked about the various ways we can evangelize in our everyday lives. Today we start a new class that will conclude our year focusing on “Seek and Save.”

     Many people are hesitant to evangelize because they are scared of what the other person might ask. Most people feel unprepared to talk about God and the Bible to friends and family members, so the logical thing to do is to not talk about it at all. Actually, that’s the worst thing we can do. Staying quiet about Biblical principles only hurts the cause of Jesus Christ. If we can’t answer our friend’s questions, then they will find someone who can, and that someone may be someone who is from another religion, or maybe someone who doesn’t believe in God at all.

     We need to understand that we are the gateway to Jesus Christ for our friends and family members. Isn’t it amazing that you can help win someone’s soul to Christ just by answering their questions? There are a lot of people who are in the world today who are genuinely seeking Biblical answers to some of life’s hardest questions and if we can’t give them the answers they are looking for, we may have just lost their soul forever. I’m sure many of us have already come in contact with people who ask some very intense and brow raising questions. I’m sure some of us have been caught tongue-tied trying to answer these questions. How do you explain to someone how you know God exists or how you know the Bible is accurate? How do you explain to someone that homosexuality and abortion are against God’s plan? How do you convince people that being a Christian is not a cult, but a lifestyle that will lead you to salvation? Was Jesus really the Son of God? He actually performed miracles?

     The world wants answers, and we want to give them answers. I encourage everyone to make an effort to attend our new Bible class. We are going to look at the “Top Questions Christians Don’t Want To Be Asked.” Our goal over the next three months is to turn these challenging questions that we’re scared of, into questions that we can’t wait to be asked so we can give a Biblical answer.

     Paul tells us to “be ready to give a defense to everyone who asks you a reason for the hope that is in you” (1 Pet. 3:15). Are you ready to give a defense? Join us on Sunday morning as we prepare to defend our God!

~ Kevin