30 Days of Thanksgiving

     Today marks the first Sunday in November. Can you believe that we only have two months left in the year? How many times in the past ten months have you taken a break from your busy life to say “thank you” to God? Many times when we pray to God, we are asking God for something. We ask Him to bless our food, to cure the sick, comfort the grieving, help us find jobs, help get us through tests and doctors appointments, and the list could go on and on. We ask God for a lot! Although there is nothing wrong with asking God for things, sometimes it’s nice to switch things up a bit. What if your kids only demanded food, toys, and money? You would think they are spoiled and greedy. We teach kids to say thank you after they’ve received something. If all we do as Christians is ask God for things and then do nothing once He gives it to us, we are no better than dogs begging for scraps at the table.

     This month I want us all to focus on “the giver of all good things” (James 1:17). I hope everyone in this church (members and visitors) will join me for a month long challenge. On the back table there is a piece of paper that says “30 Days of Thanksgiving.” Each day there is a Bible verse listed. Each day we should read the portion of God’s word and then on the line provided, list one thing you are thankful for.

     Can you imagine your outlook on life after an entire month of thanking God for the blessings in your life? Can you imagine your outlook on life after spending an entire month reading God’s word, praying to God, and recognizing all of His blessings? Our goal is to focus more on who is giving us our blessings and not on how we got them. God is the only reason we are blessed in this life. Imagine after thirty days, looking back at your entire list of blessings; you will have over thirty things that God has given you that you are thankful for. Our goal is to see that no matter how bad we think things are in our lives, God is still taking care of us. No matter how sad, lonely, depressed, angry, and unhappy we are in life, God is still there for us and he has blessed us with more than we deserve.

     I hope you join me for this thirty day challenge. Who knows…maybe after thirty days you will want to keep going. After all, we can’t put a number on all of God’s blessings.

~ Kevin